Battery Service and Replacement

Have Your Vehicle Battery Replaced Before It's Too Late

We've all had the experience of heading out to start your day, you get into your vehicle and attempt to start the engine and nothing happens. Your headlights are off, the doors were all firmly closed, and you were just driving your vehicle with no issues yesterday! With a failing battery, you may not have long to notice any subtle symptoms before your vehicle just refuses to start. Ken Pollock Mitsubishi service center offers battery testing and replacement services to help keep you moving forward before you're left waiting for a jump or a tow.

How to Detect a Failing Battery

If haven't had your battery tested in a while, bring your vehicle down to our dealership where our team can perform a voltage test and see if it's up to snuff. Assuming that everything is fine, we'll send you on your way, but you can always perform some tests on your own if you feel your battery is beginning to let you down.

One good test is to turn on your engine and headlights with the air conditioning off. Position your vehicle facing a wall so you can easily see the brightness of the headlights, and turn on the air conditioning. If you see your headlights noticeably dim, it is a sign that your battery is having a hard time keeping up with the demand, and it's time for a replacement.

Other things you may notice before your battery fails completely is that your vehicle may take longer than normal to start, your radio or other components may begin acting abnormally, or some gauges may fail to function properly. Of course, there are other reasons for these symptoms as well, so battery testing is the only way to know for sure that your battery is the culprit.

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To have your battery tested or replaced, schedule an appointment with our dealership today! We'll happily help you figure out your battery health and pull from our selection on in-stock batteries to give you the power you need to confidently start your vehicle every morning.



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