At Ken Pollock Mitsubishi, we understand the virtues of a second chance outside Wilkes-Barre.

By no means is your past credit history a reflection of you. There are times that become tough, especially when events outside our control prove mitigating.

And that's why the seasoned finance professionals at Ken Pollock Mitsubishi have been specifically tasked by upper management to meet all client challenges when it comes to past credit blemishes.

Financing with Bad Credit Near Carbondale

As a long as you're gainfully employed and have been found residing at the same address for several years, your past credit blemishes have been circumvented.

Given the professionalism displayed across our finance department, we wish to help our local Dickson City neighbors with financing options meeting all circumstances and personal budgets. And with solid professional relationships with local lending institutions, there's certainly a fitting deal to be fashioned.

In this, there's never the worry you won’t be able to acquire the very best and latest in Mitsubishi models offered at Ken Pollock Mitsubishi. We've got a mission to see through – providing that second chance to deserving clientele desiring Mitsubishi.

Federal Tax Refunds and Down Payments

Given the season, your federal tax refund when received will also promote the opportunity in securing your desired Mitsubishi SUV near Dunmore.

By placing a large down payment, you're effectively lowering your monthly payments going forward, while signaling to lending firms you're serious about your financial responsibilities.

All that's needed on your part is a commitment to seeing payments through while improving your credit in the process.

Ken Pollock Mitsubishi – Financing with Bad Credit Made Easy, Believe It or Not

Contact us or visit our local Scranton area Mitsubishi dealership with any questions regarding financing with bad credit. In a phrase, it's more than doable.

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